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How to Start a Website in low cost?

Dec 10, 2020Website Design0 comments

Average cost of website design for small business

We will help you to zero down your requirement and let you know the lowest possible price for a functional website.

Internet is becoming most popular source for marketing to promote your services and products. Today there are almost to 2.5 billion websites all across the globe, one can easily find out their requirements by simply typing into Google. It is mandatory nowadays to have a website for your business, institute or organization. Website is a great way to share your ideas, thoughts, promote your services and sell your products with the world. If you are a small company or startup it is essential marketing tool for you hence the cost against the benefits is very low.

Now the question comes in your mind

How much should i charge for a website?

Website design is a very simple phenomenon now days; there is lots of material available on the web for website creation. Before knowing about website creation it is very important to know about how web industry work or functions. Before going on any conclusion about cost, zero down your requirement or at least select some look alike websites for reference. If you provide the reference to your web designer or website Design Company then it will be easy for them to provide you most competitive rates. You can check with multiple web design companies that provide you clear picture about your tentative cost and other benefits you get from website development companies.

How much does it cost to maintain a website?

It is very commonly asked question that what will be the website maintenance cost per year and how you will maintain or update the website with latest information. Being a market leader web design company in Salem, Tamilnadu we must say it is very nominal cost to maintain a website. Website is online identity of your business or organization so first of all it is required an online name which is called domain name (Ex- xyz.com or wyz.in) and space which is known as web hosting space on server. Domain name and website hosting space is the subject of annual renewal and it will cost you around INR 2500 approx. for shared 1 GB hosting. Website hosting packages may vary based on server configuration and technical support. As far as small business website is concern it can be maintain easily in the mentioned cost.

It is always better to hire a Professional Web Design Company or person so that   your website will reflect your services and products in best way. A simple website design will cost you INR 5000 to 15000 as per your requirement. If you want more functional and interactive website your budget should be as per your requirement. Website Designing and Development is single time investment so make sure that your website full fill your marketing needs, as we know it is very good saying that “First impression is the last impression”.

To know more about website design packages and website design cost keep reading our other blog post or contact our sales team.

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