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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Website ?

Dec 10, 2020Website Design0 comments

Being a IT person I have been asked this question too many times, This inspire me to write this article for everyone who want to know the cost of website.

When you create a website, you have to factor in a lot of associated costs under different heads which includes website designing life cycle. The good news is, they are extremely flexible and depend mostly on how big of a website you want to build. It is similar like purchasing mobile, you can not exactly tell anyone that a mobile cost this much amount. A mobile cost may vary to simple Nokia -1100 to I-Phone -5 depends upon the customer. Website designing is also similar process which includes customer test.

Website designing process involves some certain steps which is followed by everyone whether it is a Big company, Small start up , freelancers or individual. This major cost effective factors are following

  1. Domain Name Booking
  2. Web Hosting
  3. Website Designing
  4. Website Development
  5. Support

Domain Name Booking – Domain Name is the unique address of your website. For example our address is (www.s2dc.in). There are several extension available like .com, .in , .org, .co.in and many more. Cost depends upon the extension ranging from Rs 400 to Rs 850 per year.

Web Hosting – Web hosting is another important factor in web designing. Web hosting actually means Server space required to put your Website Code Files. Web hosting is again subject of quality; usually web hosting provides you various plans ranging from 50MB to 1TB. Web hosting price may range from Rs 800  to 50,000 depends on requirement.

Website Designing – Website designing process includes various steps designing mockup to final template designing in HTML. Depends on requirement Designing usually cost between Rs 2500 to 20,000. It is again matter of quality and client input.

Website Development –   Website development is all about functionality Like – News section, content management system, Online Booking, Reservation system, Online Allotment, Client Section, Login section, Social Media integration, Product and Service update section, Image upload section, job and vacancies at your organization and many more. Web development cost is flexible and depends of no of modules and features it may vary client to client.

Support – Website development company usually do maintenance contact  with client, which includes content update procedure, Image replacement, New Content addition , and annual renewal of domain and hosting. It is subject of mutual understanding between client and company. Website maintenance will not include extra functionality development in new website.

This is major classification for costing about website. Website development is vast field and full of competition so prices may not be fixed for every company and it may change as per quality and requirement.To know more about Website Cost contact us or mail us info@s2dc.in.

– S2DC Web Creators


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